Monday, September 10, 2012

Team Spirit Bottle Noise Makers

DIY Bottle Noise Makers

Materials Needed

-Recycled 12oz Gatorade Bottles 
(labels removed washed and completely dry)
-White Rice
-Dried Beans
-Food Coloring
-Printable Labels
-Double Sided Tape

Place rice into a bowl, add food coloring and stir to mix well. Lay on wax paper lined cookie sheet to dry.  Use a funnel to get the dried rice into the bottle and then add beans if needed.  White beans may also be dyed to match your school/team colors. Design and print your labels and attach with double sided tape. You may also want to glue the lids on to avoid spills. 

These noise makers are a fun way to show team spirit at your next game.  GO TEAM!!!

Idea originally inspired from Under the Table and Dreaming

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